New Zealand Earthquake: Strong tremors of earthquake on Kermadec Island of New Zealand, Tsunami alert also issued


A strong 7.0 magnitude earthquake has occurred in the Pacific Ocean near the Kermadec Islands, located in the northern part of New Zealand. Small tsunami waves have also been observed on a nearby island after the earthquake. Seismologists have given this information on Thursday.

This earthquake occurred on Thursday (March 16) at 1:56 pm local (New Zealand) time. The epicenter of the earthquake was 1,125 km to the south-east (north-east of Auckland), slightly off Raoul Island, the largest of the Kermadec Islands.

Let us tell you, the US Geological Survey said that the initial magnitude of the earthquake was 7.0, whereas earlier it was estimated at 7.1. This earthquake came about 22 kilometers below the sea level, due to which waves started rising in the sea. After which scientists had also warned of tsunami for the Kermadec Islands, Fiji, New Zealand and Tonga.

However, when it was determined that there was no danger, the tsunami alert was also withdrawn.

Let me tell you, earlier last month, more than 60 thousand people had died in the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria. While more than two lakh people were injured.


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