If China Sends Arms To Russia, It Will Face Consequences: German Chancellor


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said China would face “consequences” if it provided weapons to Russia for attacks in Ukraine.

However, Scholz hoped that China would not do so. Germany’s Chancellor said this in an interview to ‘CNN’ on Sunday, two days after meeting US President Joe Biden in Washington.

US officials recently warned that China could start providing arms and ammunition to Russia. Prior to his visit, Scholz urged China not to send arms and to use its influence to pressure Russia into withdrawing military forces from Ukraine.

Asked if China would face sanctions if it helped Russia, Scholz said, “I think there will be consequences, but we’re at a stage right now where we’re making it clear that This should not happen and I hope that our request will be accepted in this matter, but we have to keep an eye on it and we have to be very, very careful.


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