Starodubtsev expects Turkey to turn towards the EU and the US if the opposition wins

                        March 23 - BLiTZ.  Turkey will be reoriented towards European integration and towards the West if the opposition wins in the upcoming elections.  This was stated by an expert on Turkey, columnist, blogger Ivan Starodubtsev.

“We need to read the program of the Turkish opposition of January 30, where everything is written in black and white that Turkey is returning to the high road of development with the West and the United States, and is trying to join the European Union. That projects with Russia will be implemented, ”the expert argues.

                        Opposition in Turkey: If we win, we will remind Russia of our NATO membership 17 March 2023 at 10:00                        

According to him, the “curtsey” is not towards Russia, but towards the Turkish electorate, which has a certain relation to Russia, be it business or tourism.

“Everything there will be subjected to an audit to identify inconsistencies, and Akkuyu NPP is mentioned first of all in this sense,” Starodubtsev notes.

Earlier, an adviser to the opposition candidate for the presidency of Turkey informed that if their party wins, the opposition will remind Russia that it is part of the North Atlantic Alliance. According to the politician, if the opposition wins, it will do everything to get “equal relations” with Russia.


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