Russian Senator Pushkov: the public does not like the version of the Western media about the explosions of the Nord Streams


Senator of the Russian Federation Alexei Pushkov wrote in his Telegram channel that the new versions of the Western and Ukrainian media about the bombing and terrorist attack on the Nord Stream “do not stand next to” the reports of journalist Seymour Hersh. This was written in RIA Novosti.
March 23 – BLiTZ.

Recall that journalist Hersh at the end of 2022 said that the blowing up of the Russian gas pipeline at Nord Stream was initiated by the American side, led by Joe Biden. After he conducted an investigation and presented evidence of his theory, newspapers in the West came up with a new version. According to the United States, the attack was organized by a Ukrainian group using improvised explosive devices.

Photo: PJSC Gazprom official website

But due to the fact that the explosion occurred in German waters, Chancellor Scholz had to know who and when sailed towards the Russian gas pipeline. Due to the fact that the FRG does not give details, it is also accused of complicity.

The version followed in Russia is identical to the words of the American journalist Hersh. It lies in the fact that the US Navy provoked drills near the gas pipeline and, under the cover of the Norwegian government, penetrated the other side of the Nord Stream

                        White House: US does not know when investigations into Nord Stream explosions will be completed


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