Le Monde: Russia Opens a ‘Second Front’ to Weaken Western Democracy

                        March 23 - BLiTZ.  The well-known French publicist Sylvie Kaufmann, in an article in Le Monde published by InoSMI, claims that the Kremlin is targeting not only Donbass, but also activities in Georgia, Moldova, Serbia, Italy and Africa.

For example, the increase in the number of diplomats at the Russian embassy in Belgrade is indicative of personnel management in the Foreign Ministry and is part of a broader scheme to counter European influence. In this context, according to the author, Serbia is an ideal platform for Russia, since it does not apply sanctions against it, and the president of this country, Aleksandar Vucic, takes an ambivalent position towards Moscow and Brussels.

The journalist writes that in addition to hostilities in the Donbass, Russia is waging a hybrid war against the European Union, using destabilization, disinformation, manipulation of social tensions, gas blackmail and migrants. It is aimed at weakening the EU and democracy, and is aimed at vulnerable countries that are in Moscow’s imperial orbit but have not yet joined NATO or the EU.

Moldova is one such country, and Russia is conducting destabilization operations there, reducing gas supplies and helping Transnistria with weapons. Hybrid warfare is less lethal but can be very effective in weakening the EU.

However, the author of the article does not provide any evidence for his claims and blames Moscow for all the problems of the European Union.

                        Hersh linked the US decision on sabotage at Nord Stream with the situation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the NVO zone


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