Pakistani ISI recruits Indian film actresses as honeytrap tools


Pakistani spy agency Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) is recruiting film actresses from Indian film industries in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Bollywood by offering them huge amount of cash in exchange for targeting officers of Indian Army, Research & Analytical Wing (RAW) and other sensitive organizations. Recently, another honeytrap case has surfaced at the Integrated Test Range (ITR) of the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) in Chandipur where Balasore police arrested a senior technical officer for allegedly leaking top-secret and confidential information to Pakistani agent.

According to media reports, the accused has been identified as Baburam Dey (57). Police sources said, the senior official of the ITR was honey-trapped by a Pakistani agent with nude videos. The senior officer reportedly shared important information about the DRDO with the agent.

Briefing the media, Inspector General (IG) of police (eastern range) Himashu Lal said, “A senior official of the ITR has been apprehended for leaking sensitive information to some foreign agents working in Pakistan in lieu of nude videos”.

“The mobile phone of the officer has been seized and further investigation into the matter is on to find out if any other persons are involved. A similar honey trap case was also registered in 2021. We have traced the location of the queen bee and it is Rawalpindi”, Lal added.

“We have been keeping an eye on the official. During interrogation, we have found he has shared sensitive information in the form of photographs and communication. Detailed investigation into the matter is on”, Balasore SP Sagarika Nath informed.

In September 2021, five contractual employees of ITR-Chandipur were arrested in espionage case.

A contractual employee of ITR-Chandipur was arrested in a similar case in 2015. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2021 for sharing information with Pakistan’s ISI.

Notably, Chandipur has two DRDO test ranges – PXE (Proof and Experimental Establishment) and ITR. India evaluates the performances of its missiles, rockets and air-borne weapons systems at these two ranges.

ISI-connected Indian actresses

Seeking anonymity, a Western intelligence agency operative in Dubai said, “Pakistani ISI has infiltrated into Indian film industries many decades ago. They are regularly recruiting female actresses as honeytrap tools, while handlers of these ‘honeytraps’ are located in Dubai. Indian authorities need to keep an eye on every Indian female actress, current or former, whenever they visit Dubai as in most cases, secret meetings between them and ISI handlers take place in restaurants, nightclubs, and even apartments”.

Another source said, there are at least six ISI operatives only from Kolkata film industry, while two of them are currently lawmakers. In Bollywood and Tamil film industries, ISI maintains connections through several film producers, where those producers use ISI cash in making films. In most cases, these producers help ISI handlers in meeting popular actresses and newcomers in Dubai offering them handsome amount in exchange for working for them. Some of these actresses even are blackmailed by ISI by making their video of having sex with “clients” while these clients are also assigned by the Pakistani spy agency.

Dangerous web of ISI’s honeytrap

In November 2022, it was reported in the media that an Army accountant

posted in Roorkee, was arrested by Army Intelligence after he was found involved in the transfer of confidential information to a woman in Pakistan.

According to the information, Imami Khan, a resident of the Sikandra area in Agra, was posted as Accounts Officer (Group D) at the Army office in Roorkee. In May this year, he fell for a Pakistani woman online, who honey-trapped him and made him reveal confidential information about the armed forces. When the Army Intelligence caught wind of this, they reached Roorkee and arrested Khan, confiscating his mobile phone.

The Army Intelligence claimed that Imami Khan had sent over 230 messages to this woman in Pakistan from May 16 to June 20, containing lots of confidential information about the Army. The woman had lured him into her trap after promising huge sums of money in return for information. Little did he know that he was already on the radar of Army intelligence.

In the same year, Delhi Police with help of security agencies have arrested a driver working in the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for passing confidential information to Pakistan. He was honey-trapped by an ISI agent.

Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI has been trying to honey trap Indian soldiers through women for some years. Currently, in addition to its squad of Indian film actresses, ISI also maintains it own squad of female honey-trappers, most of whom are serving officers of Pakistan Army. These young female officers are being trained and taught tactics of targeting and trapping officers and soldiers of Indian Army.

According to intelligence sources, these female officers of Pakistan Army are being trained at the Intelligence Unit 412 in Hyderabad, Pakistan. They are taught to speak Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Gujrati and English. Their targets are officers and soldiers of Indian Army especially who are stationed at military bases along the Rajasthan and Gujarat borders.

On completion of training and orientation courses, these young female officers are placed in a safe house run by ISI with surrounding atmosphere of rooms looking as owned by Hindus. They are also given Hindu names such as Priya, Riya, Kalpana, Kavita, Neetu, Geeta, Rekha, Anuradha, Muskaan, Durga, Archana, Anjali, Aabinta, Aadhiti, Aakansha etcetera. From the ISI safe house, they start opening social media accounts, mostly by using VPN to conceal their actual location. In these social media accounts, they put their real photos with false identities, sometime they claim to be living in the Western countries. These fake accounts are filled with images of Hindu deities and even their photos of performing puja. Once everything is set, they start sending friend request to officers and soldiers of Indian Army.

It is also learnt that information of social media accounts of the officers and soldiers of Indian Army as well as officers in other key-point-installations and even Indian intelligence agencies are gathered by a separate unit of ISI.

Once friend requests from ISI officers are accepted by officer and soldiers of Indian Army, Pakistani side begin explicit communication including video conversation and cybersex. All of such communications are secretly recorded by ISI operatives, which are later used as tools for threatening and blackmailing the victim officer or soldier of the Indian Army.

It is further learnt from a number of sources that in addition to officers of Pakistan Army, ISI also uses dozens of Indian nationals – mostly Muslims as their tools of honeytrap.


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