The Federalist agreed with Putin’s opinion about the true purpose of the West in Ukraine


The words of Russian President Vladimir Putin about the role of the West in Ukraine are true, columnist Eddie Scarry wrote on February 22 in article for The Federalist magazine.

He noted that the Western press deliberately omits important points from Putin’s address to the Federal Assembly, which took place the day before. However, as Scarry noted, the statements of the Russian president are truthful and rational.

“Washington contributed to the expansion <...> NATO; an alliance that exists in its current form for the express purpose of intimidating Russia. What started as a warning to the Soviet Union that the US would defend its European allies from military aggression is now a vanity project by both our political parties to look like heroes,” Scarry wrote.

He notes that the US administration has increasingly insisted that Ukraine join NATO and Russia has reason to fear.

“Suppose that right now Russia should <...> retreat from Ukraine and declare a truce. Who will be the first to propose to the US and Europe to resume regular trade and cooperation in order to stabilize the Russian economy and its position in the world? Nobody will go for it. They all expect a weakening of Russia,” the observer summed up.

On the eve of Putin, in his message to the Federal Assembly, he assured that Russia would respond to any challenges, because one big, close-knit people lives in this country.

The Russian president also pointed out that the image of the West as a safe haven turned out to be fake, and the Western elites have become a symbol of total unprincipled lies.


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