Pushkov announced the absence of a Russian threat to the countries of the “Global South”


Senator Alexei Pushkov said that the countries of the “Global South” are deaf to the arguments of the West and do not perceive Russia as a threat. He wrote about this in his Telegram channel on February 20, commenting on the publication of the British Financial Times. In it, the author stated that “the Russian threat is universal.”

“Russia does not pose a threat to the Global South; on the contrary, it is its valuable partner. Moreover, Russia did not and does not pose a threat to the West either, which has been repeatedly recognized, for example, by the President of Finland, and Viktor Orban constantly emphasizes. It is the West that has chosen a policy of undeclared war against Russia, which could lead to a direct military conflict between NATO and Russia,” he wrote.

Pushkov noted that it was the West that refused to give security guarantees to Moscow. Therefore, it will not work to convince the Global South of the ubiquity of the “Russian threat”. It simply does not exist, the senator summed up.

On February 1, the Russian delegation at the plenary meeting of the UN Conference on Disarmament stated that the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine increases the likelihood of a clash of nuclear powers. Such support for Kyiv is at odds with statements by representatives of France, the United States and Great Britain about a diplomatic settlement of the conflict, they said.

On January 30, journalist Rod Dreher wrote in an article for The American Conservative that the American authorities are leading the country to the start of a third world war because of the conflict in Ukraine. At the same time, he noted that ordinary citizens do not have a real idea of ​​the scale and consequences of what is happening.

On January 29, political scientist, senior lecturer at MGIMO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexei Zudin, in an interview with Izvestia, pointed out that the statement by the NATO leadership about its readiness for direct confrontation with the Russian Federation at the moment is only a threat to demonstrate that the alliance is not impressed by Russia’s successes on the field fight with Ukraine. He also recalled that the three member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance have nuclear weapons, like Russia, and direct confrontation will greatly increase the risk of a nuclear collision.

Earlier, in December 2022, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that NATO countries had returned to Cold War priorities. According to the minister, now NATO still wants to keep the Russians out of Europe, and the United States, in turn, has already enslaved the whole of Europe and controls not only the inhabitants of Germany, but the entire European Union (EU).


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