Most of the world did not believe the West in the Ukrainian issue – DOS


February 21, 2023, 05:37 – BLiTZ – News

Most states of the world did not begin to establish sanctions restrictions against Russia, because they do not believe in the version of the Ukrainian conflict on the part of the West, however, as it drags on, sympathy for the Russian Federation is growing. This information follows from a publication for the SCMP by Singaporean diplomat, researcher at the NUS Institute for Asian Studies, Kishore Mahbubani.

The observer wondered why 85% of the world’s powers did not impose restrictive measures against Moscow after conducting a special military operation, in addition, the honest answer, based on his statements, is that deep down a large number of heads of state do not believe in ” black and white” version of the conflict, which is “sold” by the Western world.

“Most impartial observers of the Ukrainian crisis believe that the conflict could have been avoided. Ironically, those who most loudly warned NATO against the endless advance and approach to the borders of Russia were some of the best Western strategic minds – George Kennan, Owen Harris and Henry Kissinger, ”the expert noted.

Also, the West still adheres to the strategy of “complete victory” of the Kiev regime, which does not meet the interests of the global South, which wants to see a multipolar world with the Russian Federation as an independent pole, because this gives them some geostrategic opportunities, the ex-diplomat noted.

“And many southern powers, who still have a fresh memory of the not-so-distant hegemony of the West, know that as soon as he defeats and suppresses Moscow, his arrogance will skyrocket again and he will become unbearable,” Makhbubani emphasized, pointing out that the global South is “not naive”.

As the author of the article noted, as the confrontation drags on, sympathy for the Russian Federation increases, which is treated as a state that is fighting against the economy of Western countries that is many times superior to it. “Many were surprised that the tough sanctions imposed on Moscow did not lead to its collapse. They are amazed that Russia is still on its feet despite these massive strikes,” he said.

The countries of the South are aware that it takes a great deal of courage for any Western politician to call for peace, but if Western leaders remain silent on peace in Ukraine, then the global South will remain silent on the Ukrainian issue itself, Mahbubani concluded.

Earlier, former President of the United States Donald Trump said that under his administration, Moscow would not conduct a military special operation in Ukraine.

Speaking to his supporters in Florida, Trump pointed out that he saw Russian forces amassing at the border. However, according to him, he assured that Russia was negotiating. Read more about this in the material of the BLiTZ.


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