Mass return of Chinese tourists to Russia is expected no earlier than 2024-2025


February 21, 2023, 06:13 – BLiTZ – News

Even in the context of the resumption of the possibility of visa-free travel for Chinese citizens to Russia, the restoration of the tourist flow to pre-pandemic levels will not happen immediately. The portal writes about this.

The fact that for tourist groups, the composition of which does not exceed 50 participants, it became known from representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Economic Development. Recall that for some time this agreement between the states did not work, since the coronavirus pandemic was raging in the world.

But after China opened its borders, Russia announced its readiness to accept groups of Chinese travelers without visas if they come for a period not exceeding 15 days. At present, the Russian side is waiting for the necessary documents to be sent by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Tourism experts argue that the resumption of a stable flow of tourists from China to Russia should not be expected immediately. This is because the cost of travel after the coronavirus has increased around the world, and more time is needed to stabilize the situation.

Earlier, the BLiTZ reported that employees of the Ministry of Economic Development shared information that the agreement approved by the authorities of the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation regarding the launch of groups of tourists, under which the need for visas is canceled, was activated again.


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