Encouragement can play a masterly role in upbringing of all children


Encouragement can play a masterly role in the upbringing of all children, especially during their studies.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) is royalty in the world of vitamins because of its many benefits to the human body, as most, if not all, medical experts will tell you in chorus.

Mayo Clinic (USA) tells us the body does not store or produce VC, hence a daily intake is really important for good health and longevity.

I equate encouragement to VC in some regards because VC itself does not make your bones stronger, make your teeth whiter, kill bacteria, make you fatter, slimmer or perform any kind of repair work to the body.

VC is much too smart for mundane laborious tasks! Why do the work, if you can get somebody else to do it for you?

VC and encouragement are unique in that way. They are in a class of their own making.

It’s well known the majority of us are born with an immune system that is fortified with all the tools needed to fight and conquer most illnesses.

Momentarily, imagine the body to be a human fortress with hundreds of guards on duty at strategic points to prevent an attack from outside invaders such as germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi and toxins.

Unfortunately, as many night watchmen and night duty soldiers will tell you, when there is no attack or threat of one, sleep often overcomes them and protection is significantly reduced.

Vitamin C acts like a Sgt. Maj. who visits the sentry posts regularly; snaps and snarls at the guards to keep them on their toes and vigilant to potential dangers.

Scientific evidence

You most probably won’t find any scientific evidence in support of my claim because encouragement itself, is invisible and undetectable under the most powerful laboratory microscopes, but we know it exists. What’s more it’s a superpower, a superhero, similar to electricity, but even more so.

While VC takes care of the body, encouragement feeds and pampers the brain.

When Allah made encouragement, He made masses of it – and He made it freely available – like the air we breathe, so we can be generous in giving it away.

One of the beauties of encouragement, too, is that it’s non-seasonal and available all-year-round. Unlike getting Vitamin D from the sun; it doesn’t even require you to leave your home to reap benefit! It can come to you even over the phone.

Encouragement is on tap from the moment we open our eyes in the mornings to when we close them at night. And we can self-indulge 365 days a year or accept it gracefully from others!

Encouragement is the human crank that gets the brain in motion and propels the brain to perform to its maximum potential. If it’s a gift from Allah, as it is perceived to be, one naturally assumes it must be good… export quality from Heaven!

Encouragement is a priceless gift to give and a treasure to receive!

It should be obvious to all that encouragement is empowering beyond human measure, consummately effective, and available 24/7/365 throughout a person’s life, but it is especially beneficial during times of self-doubt.

A few words of encouragement to those who think they are at the brink of failure can trigger a diagonally opposite positive result from within.

Training a child to stand and walk should be enough evidence of its power. However, the majority of parents do not take it beyond that point of achievement and understand the great benefits it can render in a person’s life right up to their death.

Encouragement can play a masterly role in the upbringing of all children, especially during their studies.

When learning to walk, the child learns to trust. If she/he fell to the ground they’re lifted up and put back on the right track; thus, creating a bond that could be nurtured throughout their entire life.

Encouragement produces amazing, if not totally incredible, results. It beats corporal punishment every time (no pun intended!).

Imagine trying to teach the child you love how to walk and every time he/she falls over, the child’s effort is chastised, ridiculed or beaten with a stick. A preposterous thought!

How damaging to the child would that be? He or she may never learn to walk. Yet this same insane senseless act occurs in our schools, madrassas and homes. Instead of showing compassion and encouragement the children are beaten (some even to death) because they made small insignificant mistakes.

It’s been long proved that corporal punishment has no benefits whatsoever. Any ‘teacher’, Imam or parent who thinks differently is ignorant, evil, or both.

The greatest gift any teacher, Imam, parent or friend can give anyone (male, female, young or old) is encouragement – not an iPhone!

The good books

Encouragement has played a major role in all great achievement throughout history bar none. We do not know what a person is capable of achieving, but if they’re of honorable intent, they should be encouraged at all levels.

If, as all the good books say, “The Kingdom of God is within” it wouldn’t surprise me if encouragement were the only propellant necessary within a person for him/her to move forward and achieve his/her lifelong ambition super quick.

Encouragement is the most inexpensive, priceless blessing we’re all capable of giving anyone and everyone, especially those we love, want to succeed and want to make happy.

If space on the celebrated tablet of stone – showcased by Moses – had permitted, no corporal punishment would have been the 11th commandment.

There is no doubt nations would benefit enormously if encouragement were to replace corporal punishment in all settings. No doubt whatsoever.

So, stop this corporal punishment evil wickedness and encourage children instead and watch the benefits grow.


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