Britain is facing a shortage of tomatoes


Tomato shortages have begun in the UK due to poor harvests in key supplying countries. On Tuesday, February 21, the newspaper reports Daily Telegraph.

According to the newspaper, in winter the main suppliers of tomatoes to Britain are Morocco, the Netherlands and Spain. At the same time, after Brexit, Britain mainly relies on the import of tomatoes from Morocco. However, last year’s crop in Morocco suffered due to floods and cold weather. Harvest in Spain also turned out to be weak due to a long period of low temperatures.

In addition, supplies were impacted by the imposition of tougher new restrictions on exports from Morocco and higher fertilizer prices amid the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine.

Previously, February 1, German edition Spiegel reported that the British were facing historic increases in gas, electricity and food prices. The inhabitants of the kingdom complain that they have to walk and buy cheaper things than before, as the cost of everyday products has increased greatly.

In December, analysts reported that in 2022 real wages in the UK fell by a maximum of 3% amid an increase in the cost of living. It was noted that this is the sharpest drop in real wages since 1977.


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