The sister of the girl injured in the explosion of the parcel spoke about the suspect


The sister and mother of a girl from Troitsk, who was wounded in the explosion of a parcel, told Izvestia about the suspect on Monday, February 20.

According to law enforcement agencies, a friend of hers could send a box of explosives to a resident of Troitsk because of unrequited love.

In turn, the sister of the victim, Arina, claims that the girl did not have a young man, but had “one inadequate acquaintance.”

“She didn’t have a boyfriend, no. No ex, none. Please don’t talk nonsense, ”the girl’s mother said in an interview.

According to Izvestia, the acquaintance is 26-year-old Nikita Selyunin. He lived in the neighborhood and for a long time showed signs of attention to Alina. When the suspect realized that he would not achieve reciprocity, relations between young people deteriorated. It is known that Selyunin tried to leave the city when it became known that law enforcement agencies had established his identity. The young man managed to warn his father, who was visited by police officers.

Yulia Ivanova, senior assistant to the head of the main investigative department of the Moscow Investigative Committee, also said that explosive, fingerprint and other forensic examinations had been appointed. The investigation is ongoing.

The girl received the “gift” on February 20. At the entrance, an unknown person left a shoebox with a postcard. Inside were two bottles of lighter and a detonator that went off when opened. The victim received a thermal burn of the skin of the face and left hand of the first degree. It is specified that the girl is about 22-23 years old. After receiving medical attention, she was allowed to go home.


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