Russia is winning the ammunition war, but we can’t relax – DOS


February 20, 2023, 08:38 – BLiTZ – News

The Munich Security Conference was held in an atmosphere of panic, which is not hidden even by Western observers. The bravura claims that Russia was either losing or had already lost the “war in Ukraine” were followed by frightened statements about the consequences for the West and its imagined “rules-based world” that a Russian victory could bring. RIA Novosti columnist Vladimir Kornilov writes about this.

Ukraine was called David, and Russia – Goliath. However, this David for some reason opened the Munich Conference, begging the collective West for “slings” – this was the key word in the speech of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to the participants of the meeting. He repeated several times that the Ukrainian “sling” needs to be strengthened.

Imagine the mythical David, who, before the fight with Goliath, runs around the neighbors and begs them for stones for a sling. If Zelensky had been a little more educated than the German “geometrist” Annalena Burbock, he would have known that David even refused armor before the fight with Goliath, being sure that the Lord would protect him.

However, the head of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, does not count on help from above, who at the same Munich conference admitted that the West started a “world war of logistics.” He stated that “the war in Ukraine is now increasingly becoming a grueling war of attrition, and a war of attrition is a battle of logistics. It’s about supplies and ammunition.”

The West worries that Russia’s long-promised “ammunition depletion” is not happening. For many months they have been discussing when the Russian army will be left without missiles, shells and ammunition.

However, we must understand that the panic in the West in connection with the shortage of weapons that has formed there is also part of an information campaign aimed at reconciling public opinion with the need to tighten their belts. We certainly should not go to the same extreme, thinking that NATO countries will be without tanks, planes and shells tomorrow.

Recently, CNN journalists uncovered a “smoke screen” of information, showing that Washington has significantly increased the production of ammunition at a military plant in Pennsylvania. The plant was expanded and transferred to round-the-clock operation. According to journalists, the Pentagon plans to increase the production of artillery shells at this plant by almost 500% – from 15,000 to 70,000 pieces per month.

Therefore, we should not repeat the mistake of the Western and Ukrainian “experts” who a few months ago predicted the depletion of Russia’s arsenals. The West has declared war on Russia, and now it is clear that it is being transferred to the production shops of the factories of the military-industrial complex. Yes, Russia is winning this war, but we must not relax.

On February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation Army launched a special military operation in Ukraine.

Lieutenant-General Andrei Gurulev, a member of the Defense Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are suffering huge losses near Artemivsk and Maryinka.

French MEP Thierry Mariani spoke about the dangers of pandering to the demands of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. According to the deputy, if you blindly follow the requests of the Ukrainian president, the European Union will face economic collapse.


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