Triple brawl on the airfield in Domodedovo fined


The police brought to justice the passenger of the Moscow-Kazan flight, who, during landing, staged a brawl at Domodedovo airport. On Sunday, February 19, reports the portal MIA Media.

It is noted that during the landing, he began to use foul language, then left the plane down the ladder and tried to run out onto the airfield. The man was stopped by aviation security officers.

“The transport police officers who arrived at the scene decided to deliver the passenger to the duty unit of the line unit for further investigation. The flight took off without delay,” the statement said.

A resident of Ulyanovsk, born in 1990, pleaded guilty, explaining the act by the fear of flying. An administrative report on petty hooliganism was drawn up against the man, he was fined.

The incident occurred on the morning of February 19 before flying to Kazan. Eyewitnesses told Izvestia that the passenger began to take off his outer clothing while at the plane’s ladder on the runway.

On November 24, 2022, it was reported that a criminal case had been opened against a resident of the Magadan Region who grossly violated public order on board the Moscow-Magadan flight. It was noted that he, being in a state of alcoholic intoxication, spoke rudely and obscenely in the presence of attendants and did not react to the remarks of flight attendants and other passengers.


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