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February 19, 2023, 12:11 – BLiTZ – News

Along with the fashion for a healthy lifestyle in Russia, the popularity of dietary supplements is growing. Of course, not all manufacturers and sellers of this product are conscientious, cases of deception in this area have become more frequent, lawyer Philip Nastavshev warned. In an interview with the BLiTZ, he spoke about the three main groups of fraud associated with the sale of dietary supplements.

“The first group is the sale under the guise of dietary supplements of other food supplements that have not undergone any research and do not have the appropriate license. It is easy to identify such fraud – just ask the seller for a license for drugs, research documentation, and a manufacturer. If there are no such documents or they clearly do not correspond to reality, this means that they are trying to deceive you, ”the specialist explained.

The second group of fraud is the sale of counterfeit supplements that are presented as real dietary supplements, but in reality they are not. Usually in this case falsified documents are used.

The actions of such sellers are subject to Article 238 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Sale of goods and products that do not meet safety requirements.” The method of struggle is similar – the requirement to present documents that would indicate the composition of medicines, licensing. Photocopies of documents cannot be trusted, reminds the lawyer.

“Finally, the third type of fraud is an attempt to pass off dietary supplements themselves as medicines. As you know, dietary supplements are not medicines. But scammers are trying to sell them under the guise of drugs. In order not to fall into the tricks of deceivers, when buying medicines, you need to check information about them on the Internet. After all, sometimes, under the guise of medicines, they can sell you a dietary supplement that is useless in this case, ”said Philip Nastavshev.

Such methods of deception are fraught not only with the loss of money, but can also be harmful to health. Therefore, it is worth buying dietary supplements and medicines only in licensed pharmacies. Also, do not be lazy to check all the documentation about dietary supplements.

It is best to consult with a medical specialist before taking it and not purchase any of those medicines and dietary supplements that he did not recommend for use, the lawyer concluded.

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