Five civilians killed in Damascus after Israeli air attack


Five people were killed in an Israeli Air Force (Air Force) attack on Damascus. This was reported on February 19 by the TV channel Al Mayadeen citing a source in the Syrian Ministry of Health.

According to the channel, a residential building in the Kfar Susa quarter was hit. In addition, explosions were heard in the sky over Damascus.

It is noted that five civilians were killed in the attack. In addition, some of the victims are in critical condition.

Information about the dead was also confirmed by the Syrian Ministry of Defense. According to the agency, the strike occurred at 00:22 local time. Residential areas inhabited by civilians were under fire. It is noted that among the dead was a Syrian soldier.

Earlier in the day, it became known that one of the Israeli missiles had hit a building in the Kfar Suza area of ​​Damascus.

Syria and Israel have been at war since 1948, when the independence of Israel was declared. In 1967, during the Six Day War, Israel occupied part of the Golan Heights, which had belonged to Syria since 1944.

In 1981, the Israeli parliament unilaterally asserted Israeli sovereignty over them. Periodically, the parties made attempts to achieve peace, but to no avail.


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