Analysts announced the growth of the “pancake index” by 7% on Maslenitsa in 2023


On the eve of Maslenitsa, analysts found that the “pancake index” in 2023 increased by 7% compared to last year. This was reported by the experts of the Check Index of the OFD Platform company on February 19.

The calculation of the “pancake index” was made on the basis of a recipe for cooking a dish for four people using the “quick” method. For pancakes, you will need 500 ml of milk, two eggs, 200 g of flour, three tablespoons of sunflower oil, as well as sugar and salt.

Thus, the average bill for the purchase of such a grocery set in Russian stores amounted to 93 rubles, which is 7% higher than in the same period in 2022. At the same time, in Moscow the check was at the level of 99 rubles (5% higher than last year), in St. Petersburg – 96 rubles (10% higher), in Kazan – 90 rubles (9% higher), in Yekaterinburg – 102 rubles (10% higher), in Novosibirsk – 103 rubles (6% higher).

The average check for the purchase of pancake flour or mixture amounted to 85 rubles, which is 12% higher than last year. In addition, purchases of pancake mix increased by 41%.

As analysts have found out, Russians increasingly prefer cooking pancakes from ready-made mixtures. Thus, Russians began to order special pancake flour and gluten-free mixes more often in online stores.

It is also noted that in catering establishments, a portion of pancakes is bought on average for 142 rubles, which is 18% higher than last year, and pancakes for 133 rubles, which is 10% higher than in 2022.

The cost of a jar of jam for pancakes is 148 rubles, which is 2% higher than last year. The average bill for condensed milk was 107 rubles, which is also 2% higher than in 2022.

This year, Shrove Tuesday falls on February 20-26.

Earlier that day, it became known that the vast majority of Russians (91%) celebrate Maslenitsa. As analysts from IC Rosgosstrakh and the Cozy Home chain of stores explained, 39% of Russians celebrate the holiday because it is a centuries-old tradition and they want to preserve it. Another 36% like to meet on Maslenitsa week with loved ones at the table with delicious food, and 15% perceive Maslenitsa as an occasion to cook pancakes.

On January 19, chef Aleksey Zimin said that the most delicious pancakes for Maslenitsa will come from those who cook them with kefir. He also noted that delicious pancakes can be cooked without filling, because you can eat them and so with anything.


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