Vilfand predicted snowdrifts of 40 cm by February 20 in Moscow


Roman Vilfand, scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, said on February 18 that a long snowfall is expected in Moscow over the weekend. The height of the snowdrifts will reach 40 cm.

According to him, from the evening of Saturday, February 18, until Monday morning, February 20, there will be heavy rainfall. By the beginning of next week, the maximum snow depth for the entire winter is predicted – more than 40 cm.

“Every period has its own records. As the winter period progresses, the height of the snow increases, and the maximum height falls on the second half of February and the first week of March, ”the agency quotes the meteorologist as saying. TASS.

Earlier in the day, Vilfand warned Muscovites of a cold snap from 21 February. The air temperature is expected to drop to -14…-16 degrees at night and -9…-10 degrees during the day.

The day before, the Hydrometeorological Center said that in the Moscow region it would be cloudy with clearings, in some places light snow, sleet and up to 12 degrees below zero.

Before that, on February 16, Vilfand said that snowfalls and blizzards are expected in the capital over the weekend. Snowdrifts will grow by 10 cm. In addition, according to the Hydrometeorological Center, along with snowfalls, the wind is expected to increase to 17 m/s. As a result, blizzards are forecast.


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