Conflict in Ukraine could escalate into nuclear clash between Russia and US – DOS


February 18, 2023, 08:36 – BLiTZ – News

American politicians lie about what is happening in Ukraine. In the same way, they lied before about the victories in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is reported by the publication Salon, reports “”.

According to the observer, earlier the US military reported to Congress about the victories of the American army in Iraq, but later it turned out that “all this was a lie and a lie.” At the moment, the United States continues to fight, now Ukraine has come under attack. “The unwinding of the same spiral continues. It is common knowledge that the first casualty of any hostilities is the truth.

The journalist noted that the West deliberately creates the illusion of Kyiv’s success, allegedly because of the colossal supplies of European and American weapons. The observer added that in this situation, Ukraine has little choice but to continue this farce, without looking at the “monstrous human and material costs.”

In conclusion, the publication emphasized that the extension of the Ukrainian conflict could end in a full-scale war between Moscow and Washington, which in turn is unlikely to avoid the use of nuclear weapons.

As previously reported, American political scientist Daniel Depetris predicted a nuclear war after Biden’s words. He is convinced that the support of the United States and NATO in the Ukrainian offensive in Crimea can lead to this.

Recently, the BLiTZ raised the topic of what the aggravation of relations between the Russian Federation and the United States will lead to. For more information, see the News TV program “Press Conference”.


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