Zakharova announced the silence of the man-made disaster in Ohio


Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova at a briefing on Friday, February 17, accused the administration of US President Joe Biden of hushing up the man-made disaster in Ohio.

During the briefing, Zakharova said that the Biden administration is diligently hushing up American failures caused by the failures of local regulators related to the transportation of goods hazardous to human health.

“Everything is being used now so that the Biden administration in the United States is withdrawn from the information attack on the topic of the disaster,” Zakharova emphasized.

A freight train derailed in Ohio on February 3 carrying dozens of wagons full of hazardous chemicals. The accident caused a fire and an explosion. Hazardous substances were found in the atmosphere, and to eliminate an even greater danger of explosions, rescuers opened containers with chemicals in order to carry out their controlled arson.

After the accident, the authorities carried out the evacuation of local residents, but last week they were allowed to return home. The state’s Department of the Environment said that the level of pollution does not exceed acceptable standards. At the same time, according to local media reports, old-timers talk about cases of malaise, as well as the death of animals and fish after the release of chemicals into the environment.

Earlier, on February 17, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called the state of emergency in Ohio the largest man-made disaster that the United States is hushing up. On the same day, Alexei Pushkov, a member of the Federation Council, said that the reaction of the American authorities to the environmental emergency in Ohio was not surprising, since the United States created one system of rules and assessments for itself, and a completely different one for the rest. Chief among these “rules” is the lack of rules for Washington, Pushkov said.

The day before, on February 16, a similar opinion was expressed by the special representative of the President of the Russian Federation for environmental protection, ecology and transport, Sergei Ivanov. He noted that the United States pays a lot of attention to balloons, but hush up the environmental emergency in Ohio.

In the United States, political commentator and Fox News journalist Tomi Laren reported on the catastrophic consequences of a train accident on February 16. She said that a real crisis is brewing in Ohio due to the fact that US President Joe Biden and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg are not going to understand what happened. Instead, she said, American authorities are focused on Ukraine.

A major train accident, in which the train derailed and crashed into a building, occurred on February 4 near the town of East Palestine in the United States. Chemical tanks overturned and exploded. And to eliminate the even greater danger of explosions, rescuers opened the tanks to carry out their controlled arson.

Emergency services had to evacuate about one and a half thousand citizens from houses adjacent to the place of emergency. Later, environmental activists reported the death of fish and domestic animals in the area of ​​the disaster and expressed fears that toxic chemicals could spread in the water and air. The incident was called Chernobyl in Ohio.


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