Vladimir Skachko: I would like to hear the maximum specification of the tasks and goals of the NWO in the President’s Address


February 17, 2023, 17:27 – BLiTZ – News

On February 21, the annual Message of the President of Russia to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation will take place.

Citizens of Russia, as well as other states, are closely following the preparation of this document.

The society is ready for the fact that in the course of the announcement of the message new political decisions will be announced that can change the international situation.

The information field of specialized Internet portals and telegram channels was filled with hundreds of comments containing subjective author’s assumptions.

A change in the status of a special military operation is predicted, the disclosure of new areas of work in the annexed territories, as well as the formation of projects for political unification with neighboring states.

What do Russian citizens want to hear in the President’s Address?

His own point of view on this issue was presented by the historian, publicist Vladimir Skachko:


Personally, I would like to hear in the Message the maximum specification of the tasks and goals of the NWO. Many people say that there is a fundamental difference between NWO and war. In war there is only victory, and in a special operation – the fulfillment of individual tasks.

It is important to understand what is happening in relations between Ukraine and Russia. Is this a special operation or is it still a war? Very much like a war. After all, there are regions that are already part of Russia, and fighting is now taking place in these territories. But a special operation cannot be carried out on its own territory against another state supported by a whole bunch of American lackeys.

Therefore, it must be said that war has been declared on Russia. And so now we should talk about victory.

“Brothers and sisters! Victory will be ours. The enemy will be defeated, and on the territory of Ukraine there will no longer be an enemy that threatens Russia,” if the president had said such words, then many brains would fall into place, including the so-called relocators.

I would like the President of Russia to deliver the Message with its former brilliance.

Will any unification processes be announced? Now such decisions are difficult to predict. At the same time, the unification would be a smart idea that would greatly frighten the Western countries.


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