Sexologist Genvarskaya explained why couples may want sex less


February 17, 2023, 11:36 – BLiTZ – News

A decrease in the desire to have sex may indicate that an understanding has come in the couple’s relationship – sex is not the only pleasure and motivation in life. This was stated by sexologist Diana Genvarskaya, writes RIAMO.

According to her, in our time, various sports have become available, all kinds of pleasures, art has developed – all this can please a person no less than the pleasure of sexual intercourse, she noted. According to Genvarskaya, when life is full of other pleasures, sex goes to a secondary position.

The doctor noticed that a person who has managed to fulfill himself in life perceives sex as another way to get positive emotions, but definitely not their only source. She also noted the negative context. which may lack the desire for physical intimacy. “In the negative, if a person is overloaded, he accumulates stress, and life consists of worries, as well as energy expenditure, then, of course, there is no strength, no desire, no time left for sex,” the expert is sure.

She stated that maintaining relationships also requires energy and strength, since this is “a whole art and science, which, unfortunately, is not taught here.” According to her, mechanical sex quickly gets bored. therefore, we must try to bring spiritual intimacy into it. – that is what a person is looking for in moments of desire.

In conclusion, she said that it is important to understand what a person consists of mentally. As soon as all these components are replenished, physical intimacy will come by itself, but will not occupy a dominant position in the relationship.

Earlier, Canadian psychologists said that the secret of great sex lies in the state of mind of partners. Read more about this in the BLiTZ article.


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