S7 Technics and partners will replace imported parts on Western aircraft


S7 Technics, the engineering subsidiary of S7 Airlines, Russia’s largest private airline, and Rosatom Corporation have begun development work to replace imported parts for foreign-made aircraft. Vitaly Susanin, Deputy General Director for Engineering Support, Chief Engineer of S7 Technics, spoke about this during the MRO Russia & CIS profile conference.

“With Rosatom, within the framework of cooperation with NIIgrafit and FEI (A.I. Leipunsky Institute of Physics and Power Engineering, both institutes are part of the corporation’s perimeter. – Ed.), We initiated the joint development and production of water and air filters. We are also working on brake discs,” he said.

The S7 filters are designed with IPPE, and carbon-carbon brake discs and other analogues for composite repairs are developed with NIIgrafit, follows from its presentation.

Prototypes of water and HEPA filters (used for air purification) have already been made, they are to be tested on an aircraft and certified before they can be used, Susanin said. However, a number of projects with industrial partners are still only at the stage of development, he specified.

The Department of Communications of Rosatom confirmed to Izvestia the participation of IPPE in the project of water and HEPA filters. No information is available for other projects.

Read more in the exclusive Izvestia article:

Instead of everything: Russian airlines will replace imported parts on Western aircraft


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