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February 17, 2023, 15:33 – BLiTZ – News

Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Boris Piotrovsky has appointed Anna Yalova as the new director of the Manege exhibition hall. She has been working in a state organization for several years, but the girl gained wide popularity in a field that is loosely connected with art. Back in 2015, Anna Yalova was on a par with Yulia Poroshenko, the daughter of the eldest son of the ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. As it turned out, the women are sisters.

Ukrainian billionaire Petro Poroshenko became one of the key ideologues and sponsors of the armed coup in Ukraine in 2014, known as the Euromaidan. As a result of the coup, Ukrainian nationalists came to power in the country and the destruction of the Russian population of Ukraine began. Petro Poroshenko became the first president of Ukraine after the coup.

In fact, the militarization and radicalization of Ukraine began precisely with the filing of Poroshenko, he announced the relevant theses in his inaugural speech. And in 2018, a full-fledged “witch hunt” was provoked by the president when he instructed SBU check all Ukrainian officials and civil servants for the presence of relatives in Russia.

“We have a large number of civil servants, including in law enforcement agencies, who have relatives in Crimea … As soon as the check is completed and I have grounds, I will not be the case,” Poroshenko said.

But the presidential initiative quickly came to naught when It revealedthat Petro Poroshenko himself has relatives in Russia. As it turned out, the eldest son of the Ukrainian president, Alexei Poroshenko, is married to Yulia Alikhanova, whose parents have been living in St. Petersburg since the late 90s.

Julia also found her sister Anna, by that time already occupied position of Deputy Director of the Central Exhibition Hall “Manezh”.

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In Ukraine, the story of the Russian relatives of the Poroshenko family was quickly forgotten. Apparently, St. Petersburg vice-governor Boris Piotrovsky was also counting on this when he decided to appoint Poroshenko’s relative to the director’s post of the most famous exhibition center in St. Petersburg. Moreover, it is not known for certain whether Anna Yalova shares the anti-Russian position of her Ukrainian relatives or not.

The grounds for such doubts are quite significant. Earlier, Dmitry Ozerkov, head of the Hermitage’s contemporary art department, had already escaped from Russia. In his social networks, he repeatedly insulted Russia and the Russian people. He was the protégé of the head of the Hermitage, Mikhail Piotrovsky, and the father of Vice-Governor Boris Piotrovsky.

As you can see, the Piotrovsky family approaches the selection of personnel in a very peculiar way. And Piotrovsky Jr. himself has already made pro-Ukrainian statements. In particular, a wide resonance was caused by his call Petersburg residents to purchase a new album by British artist Ozzy Osbourne “Patient Number 9”, released in support of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In this context, it is highly likely that Anna Yalova’s family ties may well be regarded by the vice-governor as a completely positive factor.

In general, for St. Petersburg, the promotion of people with anti-Russian views by the Smolny has already become the norm. Last year, city officials were already noted for the disruption of a patriotic exhibition dedicated to the struggle for the liberation of Donbass, and the performance at the closing of the Russian Super Cup in football by the Bi-2 group, from which people with patriotic views were fired. One can especially single out the work of large enterprises, the owners of which turned out to be connected with the activities of a terrorist group banned in Russia, the Azov Battalion*.

On the part of Smolny and personally the governor Alexander Beglov, there should be no reactions to incidents of this kind. In this regard, it can be expected that the appointment of a relative of Petro Poroshenko to the position of director of the Manege will also be ignored. And Petersburgers, apparently, have to wait until the Manezh, under the guise of an exhibition of contemporary art, begins to host neo-Nazi torchlight processions, which will be opened by Alexander Beglov and the Piotrovsky family.

* – recognized by the Supreme Court as a terrorist organization and banned in the Russian Federation


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