Named the cause of the fire near Irkutsk with five dead


Experts from the testing fire laboratory have determined the cause of the fire that claimed the lives of five people in a semi-detached residential building near Irkutsk. She was smoking in bed. On Friday, February 17, it was reported on website Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the Irkutsk region.

“Experts from the Russian Emergencies Ministry found that the fire in Mamony, where five people died, happened due to a small ignition source on the bed: at night, the owner of the house lit up in bed,” the report says.

In the apartment where the disabled man lived, the administration workers installed a fire detector twice, since the whole family was registered with the social security authorities. Periodically, during checks, it turned out that the owner of the house turned off the sensor due to the fact that it constantly worked. The burnt housing of the detector was found in the apartment. Neighbors did not hear the sound of the fire alarm, which is why experts assume that it was turned off.

The fire broke out on the morning of February 17 in a semi-detached residential building at 3-1 Sovetskaya Street in the village of Mamony near Irkutsk. Four fire crews were dispatched to the scene of the fire. At the time of their arrival, six people evacuated from the house on their own, writes NSN. After the fire was extinguished, the bodies of five dead were found in the house – those men and two women, the TV channel reports. “Star”.

It is known that the night before the company drank alcohol. Neighbors discovered the fire this morning. The fire area was 48 square meters. m, notes REGNUM.

The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under the article on causing death by negligence to two or more persons.


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