Maslenitsa 2023: What to give for the holiday


February 16, 2023, 23:34 – BLiTZ – News Maslenitsa is an original Russian holiday, which is known for its traditions and rituals. Its essence is a farewell to winter and a transition to early spring. Much is changing in today’s world, but people’s love for Maslenitsa remains unchanged. Friends and relatives go to visit each other, housewives bake pancakes and, of course, where without pleasant presents. The public news service found out what to give for Maslenitsa 2023.

To give a worthy and useful gift for Maslenitsa, it is better to prepare in advance: make a rough list of what and to whom you want to present.

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What to give for Maslenitsa

Dishes are a good gift for a homely hostess. As a present, a set of dishes is ideal. A pancake pan will be especially relevant, because a high-quality pancake maker is a necessary and convenient thing in the household. You can also choose ceramic dishes, which are very popular lately. If you have planned a gift in advance and want to give something special, sign up for a master class at a ceramics studio and mold a cup for your beloved grandmother or a decorative plate for your mother. If the house where you are going loves to drink coffee, then give a coffee service, a Turk or a teapot. Delicious and edible gifts are a great option that you can cook yourself, such as pancakes with different fillings. If you are not strong in cooking, order a themed cake or buy delicious pastries at the bakery. In addition to desserts, red caviar or honey can be attributed to delicious themed gifts for Maslenitsa. A baking dish is another option for a good gift for a hostess. Such a thing is always useful in everyday life. Cozy gifts. You can give your mother or sister a beautiful painted scarf. It doesn’t matter if they wear it, because such a present can be just an element of decor. Samovar is another good option. Now you can even find electric samovars, so the choice is large enough and you can definitely please your loved one.


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