How to teach a puppy to the street


February 16, 2023, 22:03 – BLiTZ – News Walking is the main condition for keeping all dogs, regardless of breed and size. Walking is an important part of life for a pet. This is an opportunity to breathe fresh air, communicate with other dogs, socialize, throw out emotions, learn how to go to the toilet. The public news service figured out how to teach a puppy to the street.


First of all, the puppy needs to get a second comprehensive vaccination, wait for the end of quarantine, buy a leash, harness or collar, and only after that you can start teaching the puppy to the street.

The correct tactics of the owner’s behavior will speed up the process of addiction. You need to start toilet training your puppy at home. The diaper should be in one place, and not throughout the apartment. As soon as the puppy begins to spin, it must be transferred to the diaper.

Puppies learn quickly, very soon he will understand what the owner wants from him. The main thing is that the diaper should be clean, remove it in time. Do not scold the puppy if he did not run to the diaper. He is still small and just did not have time, perhaps he played too much.

Basic Rules

You need to walk the puppy 5-6 times a day, at about the same time. Synchronize the exit during the day with feeding. In the morning, early, as soon as the puppy woke up, go outside. At first, it is better to take a diaper with you. Choose quiet, calm places so that your pet is not distracted. Be sure to walk on a leash. Praise if the puppy has done things, treat him with a treat, encourage him to play. If the puppy does not understand that you need to do things on the street, and after taking a walk, he brings everything home in a diaper, you need to find him a friend who will also become an example for the pet. It may work to increase the duration of the walk. Give the puppy water during the walk, this can also bring the result closer.

The puppy is afraid to go outside

You may have noticed that the puppy is afraid of going outside: bending its legs, tucking its tail, trembling, trying to hide. It is necessary to identify the source of fear, to determine what exactly scares the baby. The reasons can be different, for example, a weak nervous system, negative experiences, health problems, poor or absent socialization, or uncomfortable weather conditions.

If the pet was frightened, hid behind you, pulls the leash towards the house – at this moment you can not stroke, caress and lisp with him. This behavior of the owner is the approval of the behavior. Don’t get nervous or yell at the puppy. Try to distract him, give him a treat or play with him. The puppy coped with the situation and went ahead – praise him.

If you can’t handle the situation, contact a professional.

Important: Walking is also a risk of contracting worms, fleas or ticks. Preventive deworming should be the norm for your pet.


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