France called the “least crazy” country in terms of arms supplies to Kyiv


Switzerland is pursuing a competent policy, refusing to supply weapons to Ukraine, unlike other European countries. This was stated on February 15 by the former member of the European Parliament, and now the leader of the French movement “Patriots” Florian Filippo.

“NATO does not understand why Switzerland refuses to send weapons [президенту Украины Владимиру] Zelensky. Maybe because Switzerland is less crazy than other countries and refuses to participate in fomenting a third world war? the politician wrote on Twitter.

Before, Filippo has repeatedly spoken out against the supply of military supplies to Ukraine from France, as well as against the allocation of funds to Kyiv for the purchase of weapons. In his opinion, Ukraine is unlawfully using the aid supplied to it by the West. He, in particular, stated that all the funds that come to Ukraine are “completely embezzled, billion by billion” due to corruption in the country.

In addition, Filippo has repeatedly criticized NATO’s strategy, pointing out that it carries the threat of a new large-scale war that will engulf the whole world.

Earlier, on February 14, it became known that 14 French armored vehicles AMX-10RC went to Ukraine as part of military assistance to Kyiv from Paris. As the Forces Operations portal noted, the number of vehicles sent corresponds to the number of armored vehicle crews and commanders who have been trained in France.

Prior to this, in early January, French President Emmanuel Macron, during a conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart, promised to supply Kyiv with AMX-10RC wheeled tanks.

At the same time, the newspaper Le Figaro reported that the French Armed Forces faced a shortage of ammunition against the backdrop of military assistance to Ukraine. The article noted that this position of the French army could potentially increase tensions between France and Ukraine in matters of military supplies.

Western countries have stepped up military and financial support for Kyiv against the backdrop of a Russian special operation to protect Donbass. Moscow has repeatedly condemned the supply of arms to Ukraine. As noted, the supplied military equipment will not help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and will become a legitimate target for the RF Armed Forces.


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