Apple service centers began to refuse warranty repairs for MacBooks


Russian Authorized Service Centers (ASC) Apple began to refuse users to repair branded devices officially purchased abroad, even if the owner of the gadget came with a check. This information was confirmed to Izvestia by a number of ASCs.

The correspondent of the publication turned to several centers with a question: is it now possible to repair Apple laptops and computers under warranty, officially purchased abroad with a receipt.

The ASC “Doctor Smart” said that at the moment the service is available only for those models that were officially delivered to the territory of Russia.

“If this is a MacBook or any other Apple computer that the corporation did not supply to the Russian Federation, it will not be possible to repair it under warranty,” the Serso ASC confirmed.

NB Service added that if the gadget was purchased by the owner abroad after March 2022, it is not serviced in the Russian Federation.

The Re:Store ASC responded in a similar way.

An Izvestia correspondent called Apple’s technical support and asked for clarification on exactly how laptops that were officially purchased abroad are being serviced and whether a user can service them in Russia at the company’s ASC.

“Apple computers are covered by a one-year warranty, which does not depend on the region of purchase of the device. It is checked against the serial number, and if the warranty is valid, an authorized service center should accept and repair it, ”the technical support specialist explained.

The press service of Invetive Retail Group, which owns the Re:Store ASC, also confirmed the information voiced by Apple and said that officially purchased devices should be serviced at service centers.

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Warranty denial: Apple service centers refuse to repair MacBooks


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