The United States announced its intention to strengthen the fleet with kamikaze drones


Washington is exploring the possibility of expanding the use of loitering munitions and kamikaze drones in the Indo-Pacific region. This was stated on Thursday, February 16, by the commander of the US Marine Corps, General David Berger, in an interview with a Japanese newspaper. nikkey.

Berger said the weapon could be deployed against Chinese warships at sea in Taiwan to block enemy access to strategic locations.

He also said that in the coming years, the United States and Japan will study in detail new ways to use kamikaze drones, expressing the opinion that ships of the American fleet stationed in the Indo-Pacific region will soon be equipped with them.

“I think that loitering ammunition will play a very serious role in the future,” the military said.

At the same time, Berger praised the updated national security strategy adopted by the Japanese government at the end of 2022 and sharply criticized China’s actions after the recent incident with Chinese balloons in US airspace.

“When one country violates your sovereign airspace or territorial waters and does it constantly, such behavior cannot be called stabilizing the situation,” he stressed.

Berger also added that the United States will continue to deepen cooperation with Japan to strengthen the comprehensive containment of China.

Earlier, on February 3, a huge balloon of China was seen in the sky over the United States. The object was shot down the next day on the orders of US President Joe Biden. According to the Pentagon, it was a Chinese reconnaissance probe that could fly over important objects, including secret military enterprises.

Later, on February 9, Pentagon Assistant Melissa Dalton announced that the United States would rethink a number of strategic approaches towards China after the incident with the Chinese balloon.


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