The nutritionist called products that can improve brain function


Dietitian Elena Solomatina said that foods with omega-3 and vitamin B12 can improve brain function.

In conversation with “Evening “Moscow” on Wednesday, February 15, the specialist noted that the antioxidants rutin, quercetin, refinatroz, polyphenols protect brain cells from destruction. In addition, they retain vitamin C, which prolongs the work of antioxidants and prevents them from oxidizing.

The nutritionist added that to improve brain function, it is worth including vitamin D, fiber, and foods rich in magnesium in the diet. RT. According to the expert, vitamin D protects against all sorts of mental disorders such as depression, acute psychosis and restlessness.

Fiber is abundant in all types of vegetables, and magnesium is found in spinach, meat, and carrots.

According to Solomatina, healthy fatty acids are found in fish, flaxseed oil and nuts, the TV channel notes. “360”. Vitamin B12 deficiency can be replenished by eating meat and liver.

Solomatina pointed out that omega-3 saturated fatty acids provide protection for the nerve impulse. The myelin sheath of nerves can be damaged by a variety of factors, and this is a threat of impaired motor and speech activity, writes Pravda.Ru.

On February 4, general practitioner, cardiologist Denis Prokofiev told Izvestia that chronic fatigue with weakness and fatigue could indicate a serious illness. According to him, anemia may be the most obvious cause of fatigue.

Prokofiev also recommended replacing morning coffee with a cup of tonic tea or a glass of freshly squeezed juice to add strength, writes NSN.

On January 1, Vladimir Konyshev, an expert from the Neuronet NTI working group, told how to help the brain relax during the holidays. According to him, you can go to nature, to the country, to the mountains, communicate with family and friends, give up smoking and alcohol, do not forget about quality sleep. It would also be useful to refuse to watch the news and social networks, the channel notes. “Star”.


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