Private investors lost 123 million rubles on the sublease of apartments in Moscow City


Almost two hundred private investors from different regions of the country lost about 123 million rubles by investing in the business of subleasing realtor apartments in Moscow City. Business owners – realtors Elena Dolotova and Evgeny Abramov promised them first 36%, and then 60% per annum.

Investors entered into loan agreements with businessmen. At first, interest on them was paid, but in February all payments stopped.

Thus, Denis Okunev, an investor from Samara, entered into a loan agreement with Elena Dolotova for 1 million rubles. in January 2022. He was attracted by the fact that other investors regularly received their payments. However, already in February, the project participants were notified that “due to the difficult situation, payments are temporarily suspended.” More than a year has passed since then, but Denis has not returned his million.

“Now our main goal is to get the money back, and the second is to make sure that the organizers are punished – administrative and criminal,” he told Izvestia.

Another victim, a resident of Kaliningrad, sailor Ilya Morozov, invested 150 thousand rubles in sublease. and received payments for the first six months.

“And when everything stopped in February, they (Elena Dolotova and Evgeny Abramov. – Ed.) talked about the crisis, referred to the covid, then to the NWO. They promised to fix everything. And then they just stopped getting in touch,” Morozov told Izvestia.

Izvestia managed to find Elena Dolotova. She expressed regret that in February the market conditions “ate” the accumulated capital and there was nothing to pay investors. However, instead of understanding, some investors went to court, while others began to threaten physical violence, she said. Now Elena is offended by investors and “does not want to resolve issues out of court.”

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Expenditure investments: how to lose 123 million on apartments in Moscow City


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