In “Shinnik” announced the preparation of a claim against the hotel after the incident with “Minai”


The football club “Shinnik” will prepare a claim against the Turkish hotel, where the incident with the Ukrainian team “Minaj” took place. This was announced on February 16 by the general director of the Yaroslavl club Sergey Kulakov.

“The appeal is being prepared by the legal department. The text needs to be translated from Russian into English, it will take some time. So far, I haven’t signed anything. An appeal will be prepared in the near future,” he said. TASS.

Kulakov noted that the team is in good spirits and will soon start training.

“I am in touch with the team, they have a day off. It is clear that the mood cannot be completely good, but the guys are resting and are safe. Training starts soon,” he added.

On the evening of February 13, the players of Minay and Shinnik staged a mass brawl at the Royal Seginus Hotel in Antalya. The conflict between representatives of both teams occurred after the players were settled in the same hotel. In a video that has circulated on the Web, you can see how a member of one of the teams approaches a player from another club and hits him.

Later, the Russian club accused the hotel management of violating the safety requirements for the players and launched an investigation into the incident. In addition, the club decided to change the hotel, the players will live in the new hotel at their own expense. In turn, the Russian Consulate General in Antalya also stated that the conflict was provoked by “inadequate behavior of the Ukrainian side.”


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