The Italian demanded to return the €800,000 donated to him in 2000.


Former Italian senator and businessman Vincenzo Barba demanded that his nephew return the money that was presented to him in 2000. The case went to court, as the newspaper wrote. Corriere della Sera.

According to the publication, in 2000 Barba gave his relative 1.6 billion Italian liras (about €800,000 at the current exchange rate). Already in 2020, the entrepreneur had financial difficulties after the bankruptcy of his football team, and he asked his nephew for a loan of €5,000, but he refused.

Moreover, Barba stated that the relative began to publicly insult him and completely stopped communicating with his uncle.

The nephew himself denied the accusations, saying that he never insulted his uncle and did not refuse to help him. According to him, in 2022, the relative’s financial condition was stable and he did not need financial support.

The relative also stressed that, on the contrary, he was always close to his uncle, including making donations to his election campaigns.

In this regard, Barba went to court, demanding the return of funds on the basis of the article “Return of the donation due to ingratitude” of the Italian Civil Code.

Earlier, on January 31, a Singaporean resident filed a lawsuit against a woman who allegedly traumatized him emotionally when she said she only saw a man as a friend. The couple had known each other for four years, the man insisted on a romantic relationship, but was refused. Over time, the woman tried to reduce the frequency of communication, which caused dissatisfaction with her former friend.

In May, the man filed a lawsuit in the High Court of Singapore, citing that due to the injury caused to him, he stopped earning and lost business partners. The woman, on the other hand, hired security from a persistent admirer and attracted lawyers for a counterclaim.


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