Kamala Harris feels awkward at her husband’s kissing scene with Jill Biden


One of the many reasons that White House staffers consider Kamala Harris as a burden is her inefficiency in dealing with assignments given to her. But this time it was more than inefficiency. Instead it was a massive shock when during an interview, Univision’s Edwin Pitti asked her about the video [of her husband kissing first lady Jill Biden] inquiring, “What is your reaction to the video, which many say they have to gossip about?”

Hearing the question, Kamala Harris was totally shocked and her jaw immediately dropped as she did not know what to answer.

It may be mentioned here that during Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, upon entering and before taking her seat, Fist Lady Jill Biden very romantically exchanged deep kiss with Kamala’s husband Doug Emhoff.

Kamala’s jaws dropped upon hearing the question. She was a bit shattered and then responded by saying “No, I haven’t watched the video. I don’t know”.

Clearly, the question caught her off guard and she had no idea how to respond to it.

She then brushed that video aside and went on a tangent about how the first lady and the second gentleman were working together to stop anti-Semitism or something.

This was just another example of something that has become a hallmark of this administration: Kamala Harris is ill-prepared to take tough or awkward questions. She tries to deflect them with bizarre word salads that don’t mean anything.

Joe Biden is not a good public speaker and seemingly cannot get through a single sentence without muddling his words or making some super embarrassing gaffe, but at least he comes forward with something to say.

Kamala Harris, on the other hand, never has any idea what to say and she has no idea how to respond to tough questions. Instead, she just babbles on about whatever comes to her mind. When she finishes speaking, she has not said anything worthy of note.

She has only succeeded in making herself and the Biden administration look like fools.

There is also the fact that Kamala Harris is trying to push a radical leftist agenda in the United States. She has already been seen giving speeches to shadowy globalist groups and has come out in full support of Black Lives Matter.

Joe Biden may be one of the most left-wing presidents in all of history, but his leftist radicalism is nothing compared to the dangerous agenda that Kamala Harris has in store for the country.

Is it really any wonder, then, that Harris is constantly called out and criticized for her failures, not only by conservative Republicans but by many Democrats as well?

Joe Biden may be one of the worst presidents in American history. His litany of failures since taking office only serves to prove that.

But perhaps we should count ourselves lucky, because if he is incapacitated, then we would have a Kamala Harris presidency that would probably be even worse and even more radical.

Meanwhile, in an article titled ‘Kamala’s ‘Root Causes’ Strategy to Shutter Illegal Immigration’ in the FrontPage Magazine, Todd Bensman wrote:

Vice President Kamala Harris spiked the football recently as though she had scored big time in her two-year effort to address the “root causes” of illegal immigration from Central America. Some $950 million in new pledges by private companies, added to the $3.2 billion pledged since May 2021, are already creating “positive trends”, Harris claimed in a February 6 press conference announcement.

“The research is pretty clear in telling us that, when we create economic opportunity in these regions, as we have done, we can potentially have a great impact on those who otherwise would leave home and allow them an opportunity to stay in their home countries, which is where they prefer to be”, Harris told reporters.

But the polar opposite is true about the research she claimed, as my forthcoming book, Overrun: How Joe Biden Unleashed the Greatest Border Crisis in US History reveals for the first time. Rarely if ever reported before, during or after all prior Harris press conferences like this one is the fact that Europe has tried variations of “root causes” migration alleviation strategies for more than 30 years already. A trove of good, corroborating research exists that actually debunks the policy as a total failure – long years before Biden’s government adopted the European idea as its own…

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