Actor Shcherbakov spoke about the “combat readiness” for work after discharge


People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Boris Shcherbakov spoke about his discharge from the hospital, where he lay with an exacerbation of bronchitis.

In conversation with the TV channel “Star” on Tuesday, February 14, the actor noted that he was ready to return to the stage and had already taken part in the filming of television programs.

“To battle. I’ve already agreed. Yesterday I already recorded one program, the day before yesterday – another one, ”said Shcherbakov.

Information about the hospitalization of 73-year-old Boris Shcherbakov appeared in early February. Later, the son of the artist Vasily said that his father was taken to the Botkin hospital, the channel notes. “360”. According to REGNUMfirst Shcherbakov was placed in intensive care, and then transferred to a hospital.

During the hospitalization, the artist complained about the long stay in the hospital.

As noted RTthe initial diagnosis of “ARVI with a complication in terms of cardiology” in Shcherbakov was not confirmed.

Boris Shcherbakov is a People’s Artist of the Russian Federation. Fame was brought to him by the paintings “Do not part with your loved ones”, “Guest from the Future”, “Groom from Miami”, the series “Turkish March” and “Soldiers”. The artist is 73 years old.


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