Zakharova accused the Japanese authorities of destroying the positive in relations with the Russian Federation in order to please the United States


February 14, 2023, 19:46 – BLiTZ – News Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on Tuesday, February 14, said that the administration of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is taking actions that, in favor of the United States, are destroying positive relations between Tokyo and Moscow. The full text of the statement is published on the ministry’s website.

Commenting on the so-called “Northern Territories Day” that took place in Japan on February 7, Zakharova noted the special intensity of Russophobia that characterized it. According to the diplomat, official Tokyo ignores not only generally accepted international standards, but also its own moral norms in its desire to revise the post-war realities that are the basis of the modern world order.

“We noticed that this time the baseless territorial claims to the southern Kuril Islands were accompanied by vicious attacks against Russia in connection with the situation in Ukraine,” Zakharova emphasized.

She called on the Japanese authorities to fully recognize the results of the Second World War, which were enshrined, among other things, in the UN Charter.

Earlier it was reported that Japan’s plans to form two units as part of the country’s ground self-defense forces, which will be ballistic missiles with a hypersonic glide unit, military expert Vasily Dandykin commented.

In his opinion, the Russian Defense Ministry will strengthen the military structure available on the Kuril Islands.

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