Why sleeping with your feet towards the door is considered bad luck


February 14, 2023, 17:48 – BLiTZ – News Folk signs do not recommend sleeping with your feet to the front door. Many often hear such a saying from the older generation. The BLiTZ found out how the location of the bed affects our sleep and why it is considered bad luck to sleep with your feet towards the front door.

Since ancient times, our ancestors believed that sleeping with your feet to the door is a bad omen. It was believed that if you disobey, you can incur misfortunes, as well as diseases.

Why you can’t sleep with your feet to the door

In the mythology of many peoples of the world, the door was considered a portal to another world. There was a belief: falling asleep with your feet to the door, you can get closer to death. People believed in this sign and were afraid to disobey. In addition, it was believed that during sleep, the soul of a person leaves his body. If you fall asleep with your feet against the door, then it may not come back and leave the person forever. Other people said that if you sleep with your feet to the door, you can see a nightmare that portends an unfavorable future. A person, having seen too much, may be frightened and not withstand such a development of fate.

Scientists conducted a study and found that the position of the bed does not affect the well-being of life and the future of a person. People who are prone to feelings and excessive anxiety believe in this kind of superstition and signs. To sleep comfortably and comfortably, it is enough to find the most peaceful place in the house.


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