The media reported on the amputation of the hands of Roman Kostomarov


During the operation, doctors amputated the hands of Russian figure skater Roman Kostomarov. This was announced on Monday, February 13 “TVNZ” with a link to the source.

“Kostomarov underwent a second operation. Both hands were amputated, ”said the source of the publication.

It is noted that this information has not been officially confirmed.

Earlier, on February 10, Lev Averbakh, chief physician of the St. Petersburg private ambulance “Koris”, in an interview with Izvestia, explained why amputation was necessary in the case of Kostomarov. According to the expert, gangrene can develop independently on different limbs – besides, this is a fleeting process, and if you do not get rid of the affected areas in time, you can lose a patient.

Surgeon Vladimir Radnaev, in turn, added that in case of impaired blood supply to peripheral small arteries, amputation should be at least at the level of the lower leg.

On the same day, a source from Izvestia reported that Kostomarov agreed to amputate his fingers if the blood supply could not be established. According to the latest data, doctors have already eliminated part of the necrosis on Kostomarov’s legs.

As noted on February 9, the first coach of the Olympic champion Lidia Karavaeva, Kostomarov gave his consent to the amputation of the feet due to the threat of death.

On the eve of the Izvestia source noted that experts are monitoring the state of Kostomarov’s hands. At that time, the skater could not shake hands and bend his fingers.

Kostomarov was hospitalized on January 10. Before that, he complained of weakness and pain in his chest. Later, the skater was transferred to intensive care. He was diagnosed with sepsis and left-sided pneumonia, which, according to some reports, progressed to bilateral. The athlete was connected to a ventilator. In addition, he underwent an ECMO procedure.

The mother of the figure skater Valentina Kostomarov told Izvestia on January 13 that, according to doctors’ forecasts, the process of restoring her son’s health could take a long time. According to her, it all started after Roman participated in ice shows on New Year’s holidays.

Kostomarov is the winner of the 2006 Turin Olympics in a duet with Tatyana Navka. The couple twice became world champions, three times – European champions and winners of the Grand Prix series final.


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