The expert called the reasons for the vulnerability of working men to fraud


The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has compiled a portrait of a bank client who is most susceptible to fraud by intruders. As follows from the published on February 14 on the website of the regulator messages, is a working man from 25 to 44 years old with a secondary education and income, living in the city. Veniamin Kaganov, General Director of the Association for the Development of Financial Literacy, told Izvestia why working men are more susceptible to fraud risks.

According to him, there are two reasons.

“The first is purely static: these people always have money, at least more often than young people or pensioners, so they are of great interest to scammers. In addition, these are people who are used to being independently responsible for the family budget and making decisions on financial issues. Therefore, they are susceptible to threats of loss of funds and offers to earn extra money, ”he explained.

The second reason, he says, is that they are less informed about the risks than young people and pensioners.

“They are loaded with information on work and are not sufficiently motivated to perceive new information,” Kaganov said.

Also, such men are more self-confident and not very critical of the real state of their financial knowledge, the expert believes. He noted that, for example, programs implemented by the association in labor collectives are attended mainly by women.

In early February, Anatoly Aksakov, head of the lower house committee on the financial market, told Izvestia about amendments to the law “On the National Payment System”, which the State Duma may consider in March. According to these amendments, banks will be able to freeze the operations of droppers – people to whose accounts the victims of fraudsters transfer funds, which the attackers then cash out. In addition, credit institutions want to give the right to suspend a client’s transfer for up to two days, even if he confirms his consent to it, but the recipient’s account is discredited.


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