The doctor spoke about the unobvious symptom of varicose veins


Surgeon-phlebologist Armen Avakyan said that varicose veins can manifest as cramps in the legs.

In conversation with “Gazeta.Ru” On February 12, the specialist noted that the symptoms of varicose veins at the initial stage are easily confused with manifestations of overwork.

“Heaviness, fatigue in the legs, slight swelling, as well as night cramps in the legs are symptoms by which the disease is recognized at an early stage,” the doctor explained.

According to him, people rarely pay attention to these signals, and they turn to a doctor when dilated veins begin to appear through the skin.

Avakyan recalled that the development of varicose veins can be provoked by sedentary or standing work, as well as a static condition in which the functioning of the venous system of the lower extremities is hindered. These same factors can exacerbate varicose veins.

At risk, according to the doctor, are overweight people, as well as adherents of irrational power loads and malnutrition, the TV channel reports. “360”. Also, varicose veins can develop if the work is associated with constant lifting of weights and wearing uncomfortable shoes.

In December, surgeon, phlebologist, cardiovascular surgeon at SM-Clinic Gevorg Tadevosyan named the dangerous complications of varicose veins. According to him, varicose veins are a common and dangerous disease that may not cause acute symptoms for a long time, and if severe pain occurs, emergency treatment is already required.


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