The doctor called the ways to protect yourself from the flu


Evidence-based medicine doctor Oleg Abakumov told how to protect yourself from the flu.

In conversation with the publication “Vesti Podmoskovye” on Monday, February 13, the specialist noted that it is worth keeping a distance, getting vaccinated. Vaccination is usually carried out in the fall.

Abakumov pointed out that vaccination is especially important for people at risk – children, pensioners and pregnant women.

According to the doctor, a strong immune system, which, in particular, depends on nutrition, is important to protect against infection. The diet should contain foods containing omega-3 and vitamin D. In particular, these elements are found in fatty fish. Also, protein is useful for strengthening immunity, it is found in beef, chicken breast and turkey, writes

He also advised to consume mineral water and vegetables, notes RT.

Hygiene is also important. The doctor pointed out the need to wash hands, do not touch your face with dirty fingers, do not bite your nails, sneeze into your elbow, reports Pravda.Ru.

In order not to confuse the flu with SARS or COVID-19, the doctor explained that with the flu, a high temperature lasts for several days and is accompanied by a headache. Stool retention is not excluded, and in children – vomiting. In addition, the face turns red and in some cases swells.

On February 10, Doctor of Medical Sciences Roman Gorenkov told how long it would take for the body to recover from the flu. According to him, after the flu, the human body will need about three weeks to recover. In some cases, this process may take one month, the TV channel notes. “360”.

You can speed up recovery through the use of vitamins and the gradual connection of minimal physical activity.

February 8, virologist, chief researcher of the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology named after A.I. N.F. Gamalei Anatoly Altshtein named the main causes of death in influenza. According to him, the main cause of death of the patient in this case is influenza pneumonia, which mainly affects the elderly.

In addition, the patient’s chronic respiratory diseases, as well as diabetes and heart disease, can lead to a fatal outcome with influenza. NSN.

In January, infectious disease specialist Georgy Sapronov, in an interview with Moscow 24 recalled the dangerous complications of the flu. He attributed to them pain in the body, heart damage, autoimmune pathologies and encephalitis.

Sapronov explained that the flu can affect the heart muscle. In this case, the patient may not notice the threat. The specialist noted that in such cases shortness of breath and weakness develop, writes REGNUM.

Also in January, the INVITRO-Ural therapist Marina Konstantinova pointed out the mortal danger of carrying the flu on her legs. According to her, stress, mental stress, physical activity, cold can lead to the fact that the body simply does not have enough strength to fight a viral infection.


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