Hospitalized figure skater Roman Kostomarov had his hands amputated


The 2006 Olympic champion in ice dancing Roman Kostomarov had his hands amputated, the website reports. citing a source in medical circles on February 14.

“Kostomarov underwent a second operation. Both hands were amputated,” the report says.

It is noted that this information has not been officially confirmed.

At the same time, the source “RIA News” claims that only a few fingers were amputated to the athlete, and not the entire hand.

On February 10, an Izvestia source reported that Kostomarov himself agreed to the amputation of his fingers if the blood supply could not be established.

The athlete was hospitalized on January 10 with complaints of weakness and chest pain. Then the skater was transferred to intensive care with sepsis and left-sided pneumonia. Kostomarov was connected to a ventilator, in addition, he underwent an ECMO procedure (a method of artificial blood oxygen saturation in the development of severe acute respiratory failure).

In early February, the skater had his foot amputated on one leg. The operation was necessary to remove tissue necrosis that developed against the background of the inflammatory process. Later, there were reports that the second foot of the athlete had to be amputated.

As the first coach of the Olympic champion Lydia Karavaeva emphasized, Kostomarov himself agreed to the amputation of the feet.

The skater’s mother told Izvestia that, according to doctors’ forecasts, the process of restoring her son’s health could take a long time. According to her, it all started after the skater worked in ice shows on New Year’s holidays. He developed a cough and severe chest pains.


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