An Amur tiger that attacked hunters was shot dead in the Khabarovsk Territory


In the Khabarovsk Territory, the Amur tiger attacked the hunters, the predator was shot dead. This was reported on February 14 by the Telegram channel Amur Mash.

It is noted that the incident occurred in a winter hut near the village of Arsenyevo. The tiger broke the window and attacked the 19-year-old hunter. His friend shot the animal.

The wounded man was taken by land to the Troitsk Central District Hospital (CRH). The weather conditions did not allow hospitalization by helicopter.

The victim stayed in the taiga for two days and lost a lot of blood, he is in serious condition. It became known that he was being evacuated to a Khabarovsk hospital.

Earlier that day, it was reported that clothes and the remains of a hunter were found in the taiga of the Sovetsko-Gavansky district of the Khabarovsk Territory near the village of Nelma. Judging by the marks on his clothes and shoes, he could have been killed by a tiger. It was clarified that the man disappeared at the end of 2022. He came from Sakhalin to hunt, but soon stopped communicating.

According to the head of Sovetskaya Gavan, Yuri Bukhryakov, this year the tiger often comes out to people. The reason is the lack of food supply.


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