US Mars factory fined after workers fall into vat of chocolate


In Pennsylvania, a Mars Bar factory was fined for dropping two workers into a vat of chocolate. This was reported on February 13 by the TV channel sky news.

The incident happened in June 2022. Workers hired by the contractor were doing repairs at the Elizabethtown site, company officials said. During the work, the men fell into a tank of chocolate. To remove the employees from the tank, the help of rescuers was needed: they drilled a hole in the bottom of the tank and freed the victims.

Both men were sent to the hospital, while one of the workers had to be evacuated by helicopter.

The factory was fined more than $14,500 after an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) investigation into the accident. to the tanks, as well as for them they did not conduct a safety briefing and did not provide the necessary equipment.

On February 13, an employee of the Severny mine in the Murmansk region fell from a height of 100 meters while carrying out maintenance work. The worker sustained non-life-threatening injuries in the fall. On the eve of the incident, the employee turned 23 years old. Investigators have already launched an investigation into the incident.


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