Units of the Yars PGRK in the Irkutsk region completed the change of field positions


Units equipped with a mobile ground-based missile system (PGRK) “Yars” performed a change of field positions in the Irkutsk missile formation. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation published footage of the work on Monday, February 13.

Group commander Fyodor Zherebenkov said that the change of positions of autonomous launchers is carried out around the clock. The subdivision is working out questions on the development of new areas of combat patrols.

Thus, the crews of the Yars PGRK completed the tasks of dispersing units with a change in field positions, engineering equipment, organizing camouflage and outposts.

In addition, a wide range of tasks to counter saboteurs are solved on combat patrol routes during planned activities.

Earlier, on January 16, the Bologovskoye missile formation of the Strategic Missile Forces in the Tver Region deployed launchers of the Yars PGRK to the combat patrol routes. As noted in the Ministry of Defense, strategic missilemen work out tasks and introductory ones, including those for performing intensive maneuvering actions on combat patrol routes.

In November last year, expert Kornev told Izvestia about the technical characteristics of the Yars ICBM. So, one of its advantages is quantity. At the moment, this is the most massive missile system in the Strategic Missile Forces.

The Chinese newspaper Baijiahao wrote that the Yars ballistic missile is capable of hitting a target anywhere in the world, while no missile defense system can withstand it. As noted in the material, one of the main characteristics of the Yars is a firing range of 12 thousand km, which allows the missile to hit even the most distant points in the world. The maximum speed of the rocket in this case can reach Mach 14, and its total explosive power can be equivalent to a million tons.


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