Ukraine wants to strengthen control of the territory on the border with Belarus


On the border of Ukraine and Belarus, a modern security system will be installed from innovative thermal imaging cameras, this will strengthen the control of the territory, Vitaliy Koval, head of the Rivne regional military administration, said on February 13.

“We continue to strengthen the defense capability of the Rivne region. To quickly detect the enemy on the border with Belarus, we will install a modern security system – a network of innovative thermal imaging cameras with a range of several kilometers, ”Koval said in his Telegram channel.

He said that both the sky and the border area would be protected. In addition, Koval added, it is planned to increase the number of video recording cameras throughout the territory.

In November 2022, Kyiv began the construction of the fence. The height of the barrier at a distance of 10–15 m from the state border of Belarus is about 3–4 m.

Political scientist Alexander Asafov then told Izvestia that this was a demonstrative gesture denoting political unity with Poland.

On February 6, the head of the operational-analytical department of the State Border Committee of Belarus, Dmitry Lyubkin, said that the construction of a fence by Kyiv was an expensive and useless undertaking. He noted that Ukraine thus copies its colleagues from Poland and Lithuania.

At the same time, provocations that posed a threat to Belarus were repeatedly recorded from the Ukrainian side. So, on November 4, it was reported that in Gomel, border guards intercepted a Ukrainian drone a kilometer from the border. The drone was equipped with an infrared vision system and was used for training in moving and dropping explosive devices, as well as reconnaissance and filming technical means of border protection on the territory of the republic.


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