The mayor of Mariupol announced the return of residents to the city


The population of Mariupol is now 230,000, and people keep coming back. This was announced on Sunday, February 12, by Mayor Oleg Morgun.

At the beginning of 2022, the population of the city was 426,000.

“According to my calculations, [сейчас] about 230 thousand people. <…>. Plus workers, plus military. About 300 thousand, I think, are now, ”said Morgun “RIA News”.

He noted that the population will continue to grow, and the task of the authorities is to create conditions for citizens to live and provide them with work.

“In kindergartens that are not yet ready for commissioning, there is already a line of people who want to enter. As soon as enterprises start working, as soon as houses are restored or new ones are built, people will come here,” the mayor said.

He added that people do not want to leave Mariupol and are ready to stay and live here.

In addition, during this interview, Morgun expressed the hope that the base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet will appear in the city.


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