Political scientist dispelled fears about “Belarusian saboteurs”


Belarusian militants undergoing military training in Poland and then fighting on the side of Ukraine do not pose a threat. On February 13, political scientist Kirill Averyanov told Izvestia about this.

“I would not overestimate the size and threat posed by these militants. According to my information, at its peak, the number of all Belarusian militants in Ukraine did not exceed three hundred people. Given the fact that there are regular reports of their destruction in Ukraine, now their numbers are even smaller,” he said.

According to the political scientist, the number of security forces in Belarus is about 200 thousand people. Therefore, the ratio of Belarusian security forces and Belarusian militants fighting on the side of Kyiv is approximately 200,000 per 200 people, he stressed.

“This ratio does not imply any clash between these forces. Therefore, I absolutely exclude any invasion of militants from the territory of Ukraine into Belarus, the forces are too unequal. In general, it seems to me that the fate of these people is now connected with Ukraine, and not with Belarus. They are sufficiently assimilated, they have adopted the Ukrainian national ideology,” Averyanov concluded.

The day before edition “Warfare” reported that the Pospolite Ruszenie organization was created on the territory of Poland, which trains militants from Belarus. At the moment, the organization has about 150 branches. It was noted that the main goal is to train Belarusian nationalists to participate in hostilities on the part of Ukraine, it is also possible that these militants can be involved in a possible coup in Belarus.

On February 6, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the West would continue to finance the Belarusian opposition abroad to carry out a coup d’état. As Lukashenka said, now the opposition is sitting on lack of money, but abroad they are demonstrating their determination to commit provocations in Belarus, up to terrorist attacks.

In December 2022, Lukashenka announced that law enforcement agencies were recording an increase in the number of provocations near the state border of the country. In addition, according to him, the opposition is increasingly making statements about the forcible seizure of power.

In the same month, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus reported that they had received information about the creation in Poland and Lithuania of the paramilitary extremist formation “Commonwealth Rush”, formed from among fugitive criminals, representatives of diasporas and students studying abroad. According to law enforcement agencies, after training, these citizens should return to Belarus under plausible pretexts and form a structure in the republic for sabotage, terrorist and undercover work.


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